Gear List

All mics, pres and backline have been carefully selected to contribute to a great blend of modern, crisp and clear sound, with plenty of vintage mic and pre choices to help capture a vintage vibe also. Running the Universal Audio unision preamps, we have a selection of API, Neve, SSL, v76  and much more available to use, as well as the analogue selection listed below. All mic/instrument gear is available to hire also, please inquire if interested.



  • Shure sm57 x4
  • Shure sm7b
  • AKG c451 B x4
  • AKG c451 E (ck1 capsule) x2
  • AKG c414 XLII x2
  • AKG D12vr x2
  • Earthworks dm20 x5
  • Audix D6 x2
  • SE Electronics SE8 x4
  • OPR The Grill x2
  • OPR U87 1:1 Clone modded
  • Rode nt5 x2
  • Beyerdynamic m201tg
  • Telefunken m80
  • Josephson e22
  • Sennheiser md421 x5
  • Sennheiser e604 x6
  • Sennheiser e904 x3


  • Universal Audio Apollo x8p 8 Channel Unison Preamps
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8p 8 Channel Unison Preamps
  • Midas XL48  (8 Channels)
  • Capi VP28 500 series (API clone) x2
  • Heritage 73jr 500 series (Neve Clone) x2
  • Retro 500 series tube x2
  • Grace m501 500 Series
  • Abbey Road Chandler TG2 500 Series


  • Neumann KH310
  • Paradigm Studio 100
  • SPL 2Control Monitor Controller

Backline & ROOM

The inventory for use is specifically designed at easily achieiving a high end, desired drum sound you are after. With custom high end Pearl drum kits, with combinations of different wood, bearing edges and sizes - with a diverse mic and pre arsenal to compliment it, the studio is built to achieve a great drum sound before a microphone captures anything. Utilising the diverse mic and pre list to help colour and capture your sounds. A massive selection of Zildjian cymbals is also available.

The room and treatment was designed by Troy Mccoscer + Chris Scorp @ Exponential acoustics. A well balanced sounding room with detailed high end and low end control. Flooring was installed with real ironbark hardwood.

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Pearl Masterworks

Rack Toms

  • 8x7.5
  • 10x8.5
  • 12x9.5
2 ply inner birch, 4 ply outer maple, round bearing edges

Floor Toms

  • 14x14
  • 16x16 18x16
2 ply inner mahogany, 4 ply outer maple, round bearing edges

Kick Drums

  • 22x18 x2
2 ply inner mahogany, 4 ply outer maple, round bearing edges

Pearl Masters Maple Gum

Rack Toms

  • 8x7
  • 10x7
  • 12x8

2 ply inner gum, 4 ply outer maple, ROUNDED bearing edges

Floor Toms

  • 16x16

2 ply inner gum, 4 ply outer maple, outer 60° bearing edges

Kick Drums

  • 22x16 x2

2 ply inner gum, 4 ply outer maple, outer 60° bearing edges


  • Pearl Hybrid Exotic 14x5
  • Pearl Sensitone Phosphor Bronze 14x5
  • Pearl Reference Brass 14x6.5
  • Pearl PTB-313i 13x3.5" Timbale
  • Tama Mastercraft Bell Brass 1982 14x6.5
  • Brass Snare Hoops
  • Snareweight with various dampening options
  • 1982 Tama Bell Brass, one of the most recorded and well known snare sounds on the planet.

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We are located in Melton, Victoria and specialise in drum tracking. If you have a project in mind please contact me via the below options, or fill out the form and I will get back to you.

Melton, Victoria